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Application for admission to the Institute for Japanese Language and Culture, Autumn, 2015

For students beginning in September, 2015

Pre-entry on web site Fri., February 20–Wed., April 22, 2015
Remit application fee and mail application documentsTues., April 28, 2015
Announcement of acceptance/rejection/
Mailing of notification of acceptance/rejection
Wed., May 13, 2015
Entrance procedures/ Remit tuition fees/
Mailing of documents for certificate of eligibility
Tues., June 16, 2015
Mailing of certificate of eligibility and entrance permissionEnd of July to end of August, 2015
Apply for visaEnd of July to end of August, 2015
Enter JapanBy the beginning of September, 2015

Please send your information using the preliminary application form on our website or download the preliminary application form from our website and send it to us by fax or e-mail to request application documents. Submit the preliminary application form as soon as possible for preparation of application documents.

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