Undergraduate Programs

The College of Arts and Sciences offers an integrated, interdisciplinary education in the Liberal Arts where the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences are all interwoven systematically and the level of instruction ranges from the basics to applied studies. Students can acquire specialized knowledge while also studying in a broad range of fields. In this system students typically declare a major late in their sophomore year, giving them ample time to explore and choose the path they wish to follow. The curricula of the Colleges of the Professional Arts (Business Management, Health and Welfare, Performing and Visual Arts, Global Communication) feature more prescribed sequences of courses than the College of Arts and Sciences, and they emphasize practical experience in actual situations. In order to improve the quality of education and implement their various educational principles, the College of Arts and Sciences and the various colleges of the Professional Arts have been quick to introduce improvements such as a system of academic advisors, a GPA system, and the option of early graduation.