About J. F. Oberlin University

A Message from the President

Thank you for visiting J. F. Oberlin University’s website. Here is a message from University President Takayasu Mitani.

Rev. Dr. Takayasu Mitani
President, J. F. Oberlin University

From its founding, J. F. Oberlin University has welcomed students from around the world. Today we can see Japanese and international students interacting all over campus. You can say our university community is a cosmopolitan society, offering a perfect environment for study to students who are eager to gain a global perspective.

J. F. Oberlin’s international character developed directly from the educational philosophy of our founder, Yasuzo Shimizu, who served as a missionary in Beijing beginning in the 1920s. Rev. Shimizu also studied at Oberlin College in Ohio, where he received a Divinity degree. He continued his Christian educational mission throughout the politically difficult years of the war.

At war’s end in 1945, Shimizu had to return to Japan with only a single suitcase containing all his worldly possessions. Once again, he set about establishing a school to educate young people with a vision and dedication to world peace. He named his school after the Alsatian pastor John Frederic Oberlin, a pioneer in community programs and schools in poor areas of France in the 18th and 19th centuries. The history of our school and its founding philosophy encapsulate our commitment to teaching, global perspectives, and “learning not just for oneself but for the betterment of others.” Indeed, our philosophy is the spirit of service, transcending all cultures and nationalities.

We hope you will join us and become part of the J. F. Oberlin family!

Takayasu Mitani