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J. F. Oberlin University and Sagamihara City sign framework agreement

From left: Toshio Kayama, Mayor of
Sagamihara City, Takayasu Mitani,
President of J. F. Oberlin University

On November 18, Sagamihara City concluded an agreement with J. F. Oberlin University and the four other universities located in the city. The universities already cooperate in various ways; this agreement is aimed at strengthening ties, expanding relationships, and promoting comprehensive and sustainable collaborations in many areas. Further goals include solving community issues, revitalizing the community, and developing human resources to contribute to Sagamihara’s development.

The agreement covers seven areas, including (1) Health and Welfare, (2) Security and Disaster Prevention, (3) Education, Culture, Arts, and Sports, and (4) Environmental Conservation. The universities and Sagamihara City pledged to exchange information regularly and work together smoothly.

Takayasu Mitani, President of J. F. Oberlin University, said at the signing ceremony, “Universities should work locally as well as globally. Many J. F. Oberlin students live in Sagamihara. The city is their second home. It is a great pleasure to contribute to the city as a university.”

The other four universities signing the agreement are Aoyama Gakuin University, Azabu University, Izumi Junior College, and Joshibi University of Art and Design.

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