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J. F. Oberlin welcomes new international students

This academic year, J. F. Oberlin University welcomes 180 new international students, including regular students, exchange students, Japanese extension students, and others. On April 4th, a welcome party was held on Machida Campus with about 200 people in attendance: host families, faculty, staff, and students.

President Takayasu Mitani gave a welcome speech at the beginning of the party, saying, “I hope you will become real global citizens, studying a variety of classes and making friends from at least three countries during your stay at J. F. Oberlin.”

The Global Supporters, the official volunteer group of the Office of International Programs which encourages international exchange on campus, organized this event. Miyuki Itoh, a fourth-year student from the College of Arts and Sciences and the GS leader of the party, said, “We work for the international students, and easing their anxiety about school life is one of our most important tasks. I believe this party broke the ice with the students, so they can make friends and help each other in their student life.”