College of Business Management

The College of Business Management cultivates the kind of business sense needed in today’s international society. Students are trained with a managerial mentality that enables them to make decisions based on extensive knowledge. For this purpose we provide a variety of classes and practicums that expose students to the hands-on management of companies and other organizations. Students are encouraged to broaden their knowledge by taking general subjects in the college or courses outside their major, enabling them to increase the breadth of their skills. By studying management and administrative structures, students gain the comprehensive skills they need to accurately understand the role they are expected to fulfill in an organization. Based on their personal desires or future plans, students can select a major from a range of possible choices.

Department of Business Management

Students study widely with a focus on management and administration. We train businesspeople with specialized skills who are able to perform diverse, multifaceted duties and participate actively in various types of businesses and occupations.

Business Programs

  • International Business and Finance
  • Distribution and Marketing
  • ICT Business
  • Tourism, Hospitality, and Entertainment

Management Programs

  • Business Strategy and Administration
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Economics and Business Law
  • Information and Environment

Department of Aviation Management

Students in this area of specialization study both the theory and practice of the aviation industry. We train pilots, flight attendants, and people who will work in other capacities in the airline business.

  • Airline Business Program
  • Airline Hospitality Program
  • Flight Operations Program