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J. F. Oberlin hosts Japan-Canada Academic Consortium Student Forum

J. F. Oberlin University is currently hosting the 2018 Japan-Canada Academic Consortium Student Forum. On February 18, 14 Canadian university students and 14 Japanese university students took part in the opening ceremony at J. F. Oberlin's Fuchinobe International House. The students were divided into teams, each one including both Canadian and Japanese members, and over the course of one week they will conduct field work and group work and listen to lectures from experts. On Friday, February 23, they will make presentations about what they learned, at the Embassy of Canada in Tokyo.

In the Japan-Canada Academic Consortium Student Forum, undergraduate students from member institutions in Japan and Canada meet and exchange opinions and ideas about a topic of interest to stu¬dents today. This year's topic is "The Crisis in the Humanities: Reconsidering the Studies of the Humanities in the Age of Technology and Innovation."

The goal of this forum is to provide students with the opportunity to interact with their counterparts from a different culture, in order to gain insight into their current areas of academic interest and to encourage a flow of ideas between Canada and Japan. The official language of the forum is English, and the host institution changes from year to year, alternating between Canada and Japan.

DATES: Saturday, February 17, to Saturday, February 24
VENUES: J. F. Oberlin University (Fuchinobe International House, Planet Fuchinobe Campus, Yotsuya Campus) and the Embassy of Canada (on the 23rd)
PARTICIPANTS: 28 (14 from Japanese universities and 14 from Canadian universities)
THEME: "The Crisis in the Humanities: Reconsidering the Studies of the Humanities in the Age of Technology and Innovation"
CONTENT: ① Expert Lectures ② Field Work ③ Group Work, including research study, for the group presentations ④ Group Presentations ⑤ Field Trip

Participating institutions

From Canada
Concordia University
Queen's University
Université de Montréal
Université Laval
University of Alberta
University of British Columbia
University of Prince Edward Island
University of Regina
University of Waterloo & Renison
York University

From Japan
Hokkaido University
Hosei University
J. F. Oberlin University
Josai International University
Kwansei Gakuin University
Meiji University
Nagoya University
Ritsumeikan University
Seinan Gakuin University
Sophia University
Tsuda University

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