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IAUP 50th anniversary conference held at University of Oxford

The International Association of University Presidents (IAUP) had its 50th anniversary conference May 22–25 at University of Oxford, where the organization was founded. Over 100 IAUP members from all over the world gathered at the university’s Trinity College, in Oxford, England.

Photo caption:
Left to right: former IAUP Secretary-General Jason Scorza, University of Oxford Vice-Chancellor Andrew Hamilton, and J. F. Oberlin University Chancellor Toyoshi Satow

J. F. Oberlin University’s Chancellor Toyoshi Satow, who also serves as the president of the IAUP, told the conference attendees, “Higher education is continuing to grow around the globe, but so are poverty, disease, conflicts, and environmental destruction.” Higher education, he said, should face up to these important issues and try to heighten awareness of the role that education plays in expanding knowledge, promoting peace, enriching lives, and offering a beacon of hope for the next generation. The time has come to stop thinking about the process of globalization and start working in a world in which “global” is a normal part of everyday life. He said that as the IAUP looks forward to the next 50 years, members must redouble their efforts to help people everywhere realize their full potential. By providing and participating in such initiatives as United Nations Academic Impact, he continued, the IAUP can help not just higher education but also K-12 education and life-long learning as together they shape a sustainable developing society.

J. F. Oberlin and Affiliated Schools is an educational institution consisting of a Kindergarten, Junior and Senior High Schools, and a University. It strongly supports the IAUP leadership and will continue to contribute not only to Japan but also to the interdependent countries and regions of the world bringing hope through high-quality education in accordance with the motto, “Better Education for a Better World.”

Photo caption:
Trinity College, University of Oxford, welcomes IAUP members.