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Kazushi Kobayashi, an FO pilot student, receives JAPA award

On March 10th, Kazushi Kobayashi, a fourth-year student in the J. F. Oberlin University Flight Operations (FO) program received the ‘Chairman Award’ from the Japan Aircraft Pilot Association (JAPA).

JAPA is made up of more than 6,400 members from the airlines, government and municipal offices, Self-Defense Force and private pilots. It is the only pilot organization in Japan that is recognized as a public service corporation. The activities and objectives of JAPA are to improve aviation technology, to ensure flight safety by increasing aviation knowledge through the support and involvement of various research studies and to promote the healthy development and awareness of aviation in Japan.

From this year, JAPA will select a Flight Operations (FO) student from a general university who will be employed as an airline pilot to receive the ‘Chairman Award’. Six students representing six universities, including J. F. Oberlin University, received the award this year. JAPA Chairman Takashi Shimoeda came to J. F. Oberlin University and presented the Certificate of Commendation to Mr. Kobayashi. President Takayasu Mitani and FO Professor Kunio Miyazaki were also present at the ceremony.

Mr. Kobayashi, who will be employed by All Nippon Airways, Co., Ltd., from April, was extremely pleased and honored to have been selected for this very prestigious commendation and recognizes the responsibilities of receiving this award before entering his company.

From the left: President Mitani, Mr. Kobayashi, Chairman Shimoeda, Professor Miyazaki

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