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Ryosuke Komatsuzaki of Visual Arts Program designs crime prevention posters

Ryosuke Komatsuzaki, a fourth-year student in J. F. Oberlin University’s Visual Arts Program, designed two crime prevention posters which were unveiled on November 21 at Machida Police Station. Because sexual crimes and family emergency scams often happen in the Machida area, Machida Police Station and Johnan Shinkin Bank asked J. F. Oberlin University to design posters to raise awareness of them, and Komatsuzaki took on the responsibility.

Shinji Kaneko, the chief of the police station commented, “It’s a radical new design,” and Hitoshi Tanaka, an executive of Johnan Shinkin Bank, said, “These two posters convey a strong message.” Komatsuzaki designed two original characters: one is “Mrs. Machiko in Machida,” to be used in a family emergency scam prevention poster, and the other is Mrs. Machiko’s granddaughter, Ms. Rina. Both women are shown bravely battling criminals. Komatsuzaki explained, “The posters express a determination to defeat crime.” His posters will be put up in banks and shops throughout Machida City.

Shinji Kaneko (left), the chief of Machida Police Station,
and Ryosuke Komatsuzaki with his posters.