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Kyudo and Songleading teams receive contribution award from Sagamihara City

On November 20, the 60th anniversary of the incorporation of Sagamihara City, J. F. Oberlin University’s Kyudo club and Songleading club “Cream” received the city’s Culture and Sports award. This award is given to people or teams who contribute to developing Sagamihara, advancing public welfare, improving culture, and promoting sports.

The Kyudo club won the first prize at the 61st All-Japan University Kyudo Oza Championships. The Songleading club “Cream” won both the 2014 World University Cheerleading Championship and the All-Japan Cheer Dance Championship 2013. At the awards ceremony, the two teams were commended for their achievements and their contributions to spreading and promoting sports in the local area.

From left: Kazuki Oya of the Kyudo club, Mayor of Sagamihara City Toshio Kayama,
and Maimu Komiya and Reiko Watanabe of the Songleading club.