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J. F. Oberlin University students perform at Chinese Embassy

Students from J. F. Oberlin University’s Performing Arts Program put on a Peking Opera show at the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo on March 6, as part of a party commemorating International Women’s Day.

The party was organized by Wang Wan, the wife of China’s ambassador, who had seen a Peking Opera performance by J. F. Oberlin students in the past and invited them to come and enliven the party. Professor Yingming Yuan, who teaches the university’s course in Peking Opera, was accompanied by six students, who performed two of their best-known routines and were received with enthusiastic applause by the roughly four hundred guests.

Professor Yuan and a larger group of students will travel to China on March 19 to perform in Tianjin and Beijing, in an effort to broaden cultural exchanges between Japan and China.