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Donations to J. F. Oberlin to be accepted by credit card

J. F. Oberlin University and Affiliated Schools welcomes donations to fund three major projects in support of the university’s education and research. Donors can select which project or school they would like to fund. Beginning in February, 2014, donations will also be accepted online, using credit cards. Contributions of more than two thousand Japanese yen to J. F. Oberlin University and Affiliated Schools qualify for a tax exemption in Japan.

1. Improving the educational environment
   Building and maintaining high-quality facilities for education and research
2. Raising scholarship funds
   Providing scholarships for eligible junior high school, senior high school, and university students
3. Promoting sports
   Supporting athletic activities: ekiden, baseball, American football, cheer dance, cheerleading, kyūdō, and volleyball

   Kindergarten, Junior High School, Senior High School, and University

For further information about making a gift, please contact the Donation office at or refer to the booklet in Japanese.