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Prof. Yuji Yamaguchi’s class donates money to Junior Chamber International Machida

Kota Sasakura (right) presents money
to Junior Chamber International Machida.

The class of Professor Yuji Yamaguchi which is studying how to attract and keep customers made a donation to Junior Chamber International Machida for the “Machida Clean-up Campaign.” The donation consisted of proceeds from the one-day beer garden which the class held in mid-August in Machida.

This was the second time that the beer garden has been held, after its successful inception in 2012. Donating money to a good cause was part of the plan from the beginning. With cooperation from local merchants, the class was able to offer six kinds of snacks, including roasted pork and dumplings. More than 630 people visited the beer garden during the six hours that it was open, and at times the class had to limit the number of customers.

Kota Sasakura, a third-year student in the College of Business Management and the project leader, said, “All members of the seminar fulfilled their responsibilities, with support from shops and companies in the community, as well as from the local government. To show our appreciation, we made a donation to ‘Machida Clean-up Campaign’ to erase graffiti on walls.”