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Machida Fire Department commends J. F. Oberlin University for AED training

President Mitani (left) and Mr. Masao Saito,
the head of the Tadao Branch of MFD

On September 17, J. F. Oberlin University received a commendation from Machida Fire Department (MFD) for giving first aid training to students.

Currently, fifteen AED are available at various points around the university, and training classes have been offered to the students, faculty, and staff. The university started the first training program in 2012, as a part of the university’s medium-term goal to encourage more than 500 students every year to learn how to use an AED.

Training in 2012

As a result, about 500 students, mainly sports club members or students in the teacher training course, learned first aid in 2012. First aid training will continue to be offered in 2013.

Mr. Masao Saito, the head of the Tadao Branch of MFD, presented a letter of commendation to J. F. Oberlin University President Takayasu Mitani at Machida Campus. President Mitani said, “I hope more students will learn first aid skills and use them in emergency situations.”