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Workshops and Poster Session in Health Psychology Fair on Saturday, September 21

The Health Psychology Program and the Institute for Health, Psychology, and Welfare of J. F. Oberlin University’s Graduate School of Psychology will offer three workshops and a poster session for Health Psychology on September 21. Admission is free, and no advance reservation is necessary. Participants must be high school students or older, and each workshop is limited to 30 participants.

Date and timeSaturday, September 21, 10:00-16:30
PlaceRoom A810 for the workshops
and room A809 for the poster session (Machida Campus)
Workshop 110:30-12:00“Feel your mind-body unity—Exercise your body and mind”
Workshop 213:00-14:30“Think scientifically about ‘positivity’—A lecture on positive psychology”
Workshop 314:45-16:15“Be honest with yourself—Self-expression through photography”

Note: Participants don’t have to attend all three workshops.