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2013 Commencement takes place at Machida campus

Mr. Kanemoto (left) receiving his diploma from
President Mitani.

On September 4, the autumn J. F. Oberlin university commencement ceremony was held at Keikando Chapel on Machida campus. A total of 117 students, 83 undergraduates and 34 graduates, received their degrees. President Mitani gave diplomas to each student and awarded Mr. Taichi Kanemoto, from the College of Arts and Sciences, the very first completed double-degree from J. F. Oberlin University and San Francisco State University, USA.

President Mitani addressed the ceremony and quoted the university’s motto “gakuji jijin”, which means that our learning and education should be used for the sake of society and humanity, He went on to say, “Your diplomas are the result of your hard work at university. In Japanese kanji, excellent and kind use the same character. I hope each one of you will become an excellent and kind person, someone who contributes towards a good society and lives a fulfilling life as a graduate of J. F. Oberlin University.”

“Our foreign graduates went through the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011,” Chancellor Toyoshi Satow said. “I would especially like to show my respect to those students. Also, it is a great pleasure to congratulate the very first student to complete the double degree program.”

(Most Japanese universities and colleges have an academic calendar starting in April and finishing in March. However, J. F. Oberlin University adopts a semester system, so students have chances to graduate and enter the university each semester.)