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The Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ) to be held at Machida Campus on June 29 and 30.

The Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ) will be held at the Machida Campus of J. F. Oberlin University on the weekend of June 29-30. ASCJ is an affiliate of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) and it holds a conference every year near the end of June. In recent years roughly 400 people have attended the conference. ASCJ emphasizes interdisciplinary scholarly exchange on Asia in an English-language format to broaden communication among researchers of diverse disciplines and backgrounds who are based in Japan. The conference also welcomes the participation of scholars from other countries and anyone who is interested in Asian studies. For more information, including access to an online version of the conference program and registration information, visit the ASCJ website.

Free shuttle bus

J. F. Oberlin University will provide free bus service between Fuchinobe Station (on the JR Yokohama Line) and the university campus during the conference.


People attending the conference can receive a 10% discount at the Toyoko Inn in Fuchinobe. To receive the discount make sure to mention the name of the conference when you make your reservations, including online reservations (Asian Studies Conference Japan, Nihon-Ajia kenkyū gakkai/日本アジア研究学会).

Hotel near Fuchinobe Station
Hotels near Machida Station (2 stops from Fuchinobe)