Flight Operations program graduate promoted to captain

Apr 12, 2019

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Hiroki Horiuchi (left) and copilot Sho Takeda

For the first time, a graduate of J. F. Oberlin University’s Flight Operations program, a part of the College of Business Management, has become an airline captain. Hiroki Horiuchi, a graduate of the first group of FO students, which entered the university in 2008, has been promoted to captain by his employer, Fuji Dream Airlines.

On Wednesday, April 3, Horiuchi made his first flight as captain, flying from Nagoya’s Komaki Airport to Fukuoka Airport. His copilot was Sho Takeda, one of his FO classmates. Horiuchi entered Fuji Dream Airlines after graduating from J. F. Oberlin and worked his way up to the position of captain in five years, piloting various aircraft along the way.

Horiuchi commented, “It’s been about ten years since I entered the Flight Operations program. I’ve flown many kinds of aircraft, from single-engine and twin-engine propeller planes to jets, and now I’ve realized my long-cherished dream of becoming an airline captain. On my first flight, I felt both a sense of accomplishment and a heavy sense of responsibility for the safety of my passengers and crew. Putting to use everything I learned in Flight Operations and in my years at Fuji Dream Airlines, I will strive to continue flying safely and responsibly.”

To the students who have followed him through Flight Operations, he added a message of encouragement: “Other FO graduates are also becoming copilots and captains, and I look forward to flying with them on the same crews.”

J. F. Oberlin University will be watching the career progression of Horiuchi and his fellow FO graduates with pride as they fly through our skies.

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