New indoor baseball practice facility completed

Dec 14, 2018

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Kamioyamada Indoor Practice Facility

On Friday, December 7, a ceremony was held to mark the completion of the Kamioyamada Indoor Practice Facility, adjacent to J. F. Oberlin University’s baseball stadium. The ceremony was attended by President Hiroaki Hatayama; the director of the baseball club, Professor Mitsuji Miyazaki; the club’s manager, Hiroyuki Tsuno; players, and staff, as well as representatives of Daiwa Lease Corporation and Choei Sports Corporation. University Chaplain Toshiyoshi Dobashi officiated, conducting the ceremony as a Christian worship service.

President Hatayama's address

President Hatayama delivered a speech, expressing his gratitude to those involved in the construction of the facility. He told the players, “I hope that this wonderful practice facility will inspire you to even greater achievements.” At a reception following the ceremony, President Hatayama presented certificates of appreciation to Daiwa Lease and Choei Sports.

An overview of the interior

The focus of the new facility is on providing a place for infielders to practice their defense. There is also a bullpen with enough space for four pitchers to throw simultaneously and an area in which seven players can bat. The artificial turf is the same as that used in Jingu Stadium in downtown Tokyo.

Mr. Tsuno said, “We're exceedingly grateful for this wonderful facility. We’ll be able to practice even after dark and in any kind of weather, so we’ll be able to practice a lot more. We expect to strengthen our defense, improve our batting, and produce even better results.”

The practice facility's bullpen

The team’s vice-captain, Satsuki Adaka, a third-year student in the College of Health and Welfare, added, “I’m happy that even more players will be able to get in practice time. The construction of this facility was made possible by the achievements of the players who came before us, and we’ll need to practice hard to carry on the tradition they started and become the top university baseball club in Japan.”

J. F. Oberlin’s team competed this season in the top division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area University Baseball League, and the entire university community is looking forward to great accomplishments from them next season.

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