"Canta! Timor"to be shown on November 30

Nov 17, 2017

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Lying some 5,000 kilometers southwest of Japan, the island of Timor, rich in forests and other natural resources, has been fought over for centuries. It has been ruled at various times by the Netherlands, Portugal, and even, during World War II, by Japan. After the Portuguese left the eastern half of the island in 1974, it was annexed by Indonesia, starting a bloody fight for independence. It took a quarter of a century, but in 1999 that fight was successful, and in a United Nations-backed referendum, the people of East Timor voted to become a sovereign nation.

What kind of place is East Timor? How have its people found it in their hearts to forgive their long-time oppressors? Has the islanders’ deep love of music somehow played a role in changing their destiny?

Professor Michiko Harada’s study group will show the movie “Canta! Timor” on November 30 as part of its focus on the theme of “Travel and Literature.” Everybody is welcome to attend.

Time and dateThursday, November 30; doors open at 4:10 p.m., and the movie begins at 4:30
PlaceA204 (Meimeikan, on Machida Campus)
Admission and reservationsAdmission is free, and
reservations are not required

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