Competition held to plan new dining hall and café

Oct 10, 2017

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Twelve teams made

J. F. Oberlin University’s new campus in the Hyakuninchō neighborhood of Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, is scheduled to open in April, 2019. Part of the university’s vision for the new campus is that students in the College of Business Management, the main users of the new campus, should be involved in the planning and operation of the dining hall and café. To that end, a competition was held to solicit ideas for the dining hall and café.

On October 4, twelve teams of Business Management students presented their ideas to an audience that included Kumahachi Morino, a chef and J. F. Oberlin University graduate; Jōichi Natori, a member of the university’s Board of Trustees; and five College of Business Management professors. Together, Mr. Morino, Mr. Natori, and the five professors judged the students’ proposals and chose five teams to receive awards.

Mr. Morino evaluates
the teams'ideas.

Each team had about ten minutes to present its ideas. Suggestions included serving breakfast as well as lunch, offering inexpensive meals that Hyakuninchō residents and company employees could also buy, installing partitions between seats for privacy, and allowing customers to use prepaid cards such as Suica and Pasmo.

Tenchi Kasahara receives
the Kumahachi Morino Award.

The Kumahachi Morino Award was presented to students from Professor Yūji Yamaguchi’s zemi. On behalf of the team, College of Business Management third-year student Tenchi Kasahara accepted the award. Kasahara commented, “I first heard about this competition in April, and my zemi’s members have been preparing for it ever since then. I think it’s a great idea for students to take part in planning and running the dining facilities at the new campus.”

The process of implementing the winning five suggestions will continue, with students taking part in it and learning from it.

Tenchi Kasahara (center) poses with fellow members of Prof. Yamaguchi’s zemi.

For more information, please contact J. F. Oberlin University’s Office of Public Affairs at 042-797-9772.