The Reconnaissance Japan Program



Tuition payments are due on a semester-by-semester basis and must be paid in full by the due dates.

Fall Semester (September-January) 430,000 yen
Spring Semester (April-July)430,000 yen
TOTAL860,000 yen

Orientation fee

Orientation fee10,000 yen


Participants in the Reconnaissance Japan Program are required to apply for a Japanese National Health Insurance Policy, which covers 70% of most medical and dental expenses incurred in Japan. The premium for National Health Insurance depends on an individual's income and place of residence, but in the case of students living in Tokyo it is normally about 15,000 yen per year. Arrangements for National Health Insurance will be made shortly after students arrive at J. F. Oberlin.

Estimated Personal Expenses

Participants in the Reconnaissance Japan Program are strongly urged to bring adequate funds for their personal expenses in Japan. Although personal expenses vary from individual to individual, spending money of 20,000 yen - 40,000 yen per month should be adequate for most students placed in homestays. Those living in the Fuchinobe International House will require approximately 50,000 yen - 70,000 yen per month since the cost of housing does not include food.

Refund Policy

Tuition and the fees for residence halls cannot be refunded once they have been paid. Homestay fees may be refunded under some circumstances. For details, please contact the Office of International Programs.