Exchange & Study Abroad Program

Academic Support

Writing Support Center

A Writing Center to develop “Independent Writers”

In order to communicate in a foreign language it is important to improve both speaking and writing skills through meaningful output. At the Writing Support Center (WSC), we offer support to undergraduate students who wish to improve their non-native language skills in English or Japanese. We offer advice about various kinds of writing assignments such as reports, essays, and presentation handouts. We also give advice about writing that students might do outside of the classroom.

During the semester the WSC is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for Japanese Language and English Language tutoring. Each session lasts 30 minutes.

To make a reservation, please use the links below:

(You must register with the WSC using your Obirin email address in order to make a reservation.)

*Please be aware that the WSC does not offer proofreading services, nor will the WSC complete the assignment on behalf of the student. The writer must meet and talk with the tutor about the assignment (incomplete assignments are acceptable and encouraged) in order to acquire better writing skills. Additionally, writers can come to the center before beginning the assignment to brainstorm with the tutor.

Place: 4th Floor of Gakujikan
042-797-9212 (during Center hours)

Center for Japanese Learning Resources (CJL)

The Center for Japanese Learning Resources (CJL) is located on the second floor of Gakujikan and provides support for students whose native language is not Japanese. We have various materials such as textbooks, workbooks, Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) prep books, dictionaries, books, manga, videos, CDs, DVDs (films, TV dramas, etc.), newspapers, and magazines as well as a television set and computers. Additionally, free copies of magazines and information about on-campus and off-campus activities for international students are available.

The CJL is always staffed with Japanese-speaking students and teachers who can answer questions and give advice. For more information including teachers’ availability, please refer to the schedule posted by the entrance to the CJL.

Place: 2nd floor of Gakujikan
Hours: 11:45 - 17:45 Monday through Friday when classes are in session, except the first week of each semester; it may occasionally be closed due to class activities.

Japanese students are welcome to use the space in front of the CJL quietly when it is not in use for class-related activities. Those who are interested in Japanese language courses for international students are encouraged to register as volunteer participants called “class guests.” Applications are accepted in April and September for Spring and Fall semesters, respectively. Detailed information is available on e-Campus at the beginning of each semester.