1st year2nd year3rd year4th yearNo. of Credits
Language Skill Courses
  • Japanese ⅠA/ⅠB -ⅡA/ⅡB
  • Elementary Japanese
  • Intermediate Japanese
  • Advanced Japanese
  • Japanese Communication ⅠA/ⅠB

  • etc.
  • Japanese Communication ⅡA/ⅡB

  • etc.
    36 credits or more
    *In addition to the above Japanese Communication courses, there are also courses in English and Chinese Communication.
    College-Designated Courses
  • Introduction to Global Communication
  • Globalization and Society
  • Innovation and Leadership
  • Logical Thinking and Communication
  • etc.
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Language and Psychology
  • etc.
  • Global Leadership Seminar Ⅰ
  • Field Study
  • etc.
  • Global Leadership Seminar Ⅱ
  • etc.
    16 credits or more
    Global Studies CoursesJapanese Culture Courses
  • Japanese Culture
  • Japanese Arts
  • Japanese Thought and Religion
  • Modern Japanese Culture
  • Japanese History
  • Comparative Humanities
  • Comparative Culture
  • Modern Japanese History
  • etc.
    36 credits or more
    Global Society Courses
  • Chinese Culture
  • Japanese-Style Management
  • Global Society and Gender
  • Global Society
  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • International Politics
  • Comparative Society
  • Finance and Economy
  • International Relations
  • Comparative Education
  • etc.
    Seminars Research in International Education A-D
    Courses in other collegesStudents may take courses in other colleges (principal language of instruction is Japanese).Credits earned are included in the 124 credits
    Total 124 credits or more

    ・In addition to Japanese, students may select English or Chinese for their language skill courses.
    ・College-designated courses are taught in English and Japanese, and global studies courses in English, Chinese, and Japanese.
    ・To take courses taught in English, Chinese or Japanese, the minimum required language level is TOEFL iBT®61 or equivalent for English, HSK Level 4 or equivalent for Chinese, and N2 Level or equivalent for Japanese.
    ・Students may take courses in other colleges after consultation with the course instructor if they have at least Japanese level N2 or equivalent.