Other Courses

Exchange & Study Abroad Program students with sufficient Japanese language ability are also encouraged to enroll in any of the hundreds of other regular courses offered (mostly in Japanese) by J. F. Oberlin's various academic colleges. For details about the curriculum, please contact the Office of International Programs (E-mail: intl@obirin.ac.jp). The following course may be of particular interest to Exchange & Study Abroad Program participants:

This course is for students of various linguistic and cultural backgrounds (i.e., native and nonnative speakers of Japanese). There is no requirement for Japanese proficiency level. Through a variety of activities, students learn roles played by both linguistic and non-linguistic communication elements and the ways to communicate in situations where ordinary interactive resources are limited or unavailable. Students teach their native languages (or other languages) to nonnative speaking class participants. Through a variety of activities, they expand their perspectives and develop communicative competence needed in a multicultural society.