Academic Program

Course Load

Typically, participants in the Exchange & Study Abroad Program enroll in J. F. Oberlin's Japanese language program (usually 5-8 credits) plus two to three academic content courses (usually 4 credits per course) per semester. Students with exceptional Japanese-language skills may also enroll in any of the regular courses taught in Japanese in one or more of J. F. Oberlin's academic departments. (A few of the regular courses are also open to students without extensive Japanese language background.) Please be aware that if a student registers for less than 10 credits a semester, his/her student visa will be revoked.

Registration and Grading

Students register for courses at the beginning of each semester, and are issued grade reports in English following the completion of courses. Grades are based on the following system: A = Excellent; B = Good; C = Satisfactory; D = Minimal; F = Failure.

Transfer of Credits

Since credit transfer policies vary considerably from institution to institution, J. F. Oberlin University cannot guarantee that all academic credits earned through the Exchange & Study Abroad Program will count towards degree or major requirements at the student's home university. Although few problems have been encountered to date, participants are strongly urged to consult with advisors at their home institutions regarding the transferability of credits before coming to Japan.

Cancellation of Courses

J. F. Oberlin University reserves the right to cancel any course for which fewer than five students have enrolled.