Tama Academy Hills

Tama Academy Hills

2-31-2 Ochiai, Tama-shi, Tokyo 206-0033

Primary activities

  • Offering courses in the Tama Extension Program.
  • Providing meeting rooms, a training gym, a fitness room, a racquetball court, a gymnasium, and ping pong tables. For more information about fees for use of these facilities, please call 042-376-8511.

Travel time by rail from major stations to Tama Center Station

FromRailroad LineMinutes (approximate)
ShinjukuKeio Line (Express)40
Shinjuku Odakyu Line (Express) (change trains at Shin Yurigaoka Station to Odakyu Tama Line)45
HashimotoKeio Sagamihara Line7
Tachikawa MinamiTama Monorail22
Shin YokohamaJR Yokohama Line and Keio Sagamihara Line (change trains at Hashimoto Station) 50