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Academic Organization

Undergraduate Division

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Performing and Visual Arts

Theater and Dance Program
Music Program
Visual Arts Program
Film Studies Program

College of Business Management

International Business and Finance Program
Distribution and Marketing Program
ICT Business Program
Tourism, Hospitality, and Entertainment Program
Business Strategy and Administration Program
Accounting and Finance Program
Economics and Business Law Program
Information and Environment Program
Airline Business Program
Airline Hospitality Program
Flight Operations Program

College of Health and Welfare

Health Science Program
Psychiatric Social Work Program
Social Welfare Program
Childcare Services Program

College of Global communication

English Major
Chinese Major
Japanese Major
Global Studies Major

Graduate Division, M. A. Programs

Graduate School of International Studies M. A. Program in International Studies
M. A. Program in International Cooperation
Graduate School of Business Administration M. A. Program in Business Administration
Graduate School of Language Education M. A. Program in Japanese Language Education
M. A. Program in English Language Education
Graduate School of Psychology M. A. Program in Clinical Psychology
M. A. Program in Health Psychology
Graduate School of Higher Education Administration M. A. Program in Higher Education Administration
Graduate School of Gerontology M. A. Program in Gerontology
It is preferable that one's research direction comes through taking courses from faculty in one's major, but for some research topics it is possible to have one's research directed by faculty from another major.

Graduate Division, Ph.D. Programs

Graduate School of International Studies Ph.D. Program in International Humanities and Social Sciences
Graduate School of Gerontology Ph.D. Program in Gerontology

Organization for Comprehensive Research

Institute for Industrial Research
Institute for International Studies
Global Higher Education Research Institute
Institute for Gerontology
Institute for Language Education
Institute for Northeast Asian Studies
Institute for Health Psychology and Welfare
Institute for Christian Studies
Institute for Environmental Studies
Performing Arts Institute
Center for Clinical Psychology

Extension Programs

Extension for International Students (Institute for Japanese Language and Culture)
Special Course in Chinese (Confucius Institute at J. F. Oberlin University)