About J. F. Oberlin University

Overseas Study Programs


Reconnaissance Japan Program

Reconnaissance Japan is an academic program for students to learn about Japan while experiencing it first-hand.

For further details, please go to the RJ site.

Summer Intensive Japanese Program

This is a month-long intensive program in the Japanese language that begins in late May. For details, please download the pamphlet.


Long-term Programs

Students in all four of J. F. Oberlin's undergraduate colleges are eligible to participate in long-term (one- to two-semester) exchange programs at overseas partner institutions. Exchanges with English-speaking countries began in 1981, with China in 1985, and with Korea in 2002.

Short-term Programs

J. F. Oberlin students have a choice of 36 short-term overseas study programs of two to six weeks’ duration. They include language study programs as well as internship opportunities, volunteer work, and theme-based study tours in fields such as theater, music, and social welfare.

  • International Cooperation Program
    Study tours to the Philippines, Uganda, Malaysia, and Mongolia provide students with experience in international cooperation. They learn about issues of development, gain experience with problem-solving, reevaluate their preconceptions about poverty and developing nations, and gain an understanding of foreign cultures and values. In the process they acquire the knowledge, wisdom, attitudes, and behavior expected of responsible global citizens.

  • Overseas Corporate Internship Program
    J. F. Oberlin offers corporate internships in the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China. Most corporate internships in the United States are with Japanese companies, but internships are also available with local U. S. companies as well as non-profit organizations, giving participants a chance to use their English skills.

    In China internship programs are held in the metropolitan areas of Beijing and Shanghai. Participants study Chinese in the morning and visit local companies in the afternoon.

  • Comprehensive Study Programs
    Comprehensive study programs are held in Korea. Students improve their language skills, thinking ability, and powers of expression through interactive study with Japanese-language majors at Hanseo University. Participants study Korean language in the morning and in the afternoon take part in debates with Hanseo students on a variety of topics.