Application for admission to the Institute for Japanese Language and Culture, Autumn, 2020


Applications are available for the Institute for Japanese Language and Culture, for admission in Autumn, 2020.
We are still accepting applications until June 31.
The deadline for entry has already passed, but you can still apply.
Application may terminate without notice.
Please apply as early as possible.

Contact Information

Institute for Japanese Language and Culture J. F. Oberlin University 4-16-1 Fuchinobe, Chuo-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken 252-0206 Japan

+81-(0)42-704-7041 (Weekdays from 9:00 - 17:00 GMT+9:00)
Email :
For students entering in September, 2020
Submission of online application1st:February 17 (Mon.) to March 18 (Wed.), 2020
2nd:March 19 (Thu.) to April 24 (Fri.), 2020
Sending application documents by e-mail1st:Deadline April 3, 2020
2nd:Deadline May 8,2020
Announcement of acceptance or rejection1st:April 10, 2020
2nd:May 15,2020
Entrance procedures, remittance of tuition fees1st:April 10 (Fri.) to April 20 (Wed.), 2020
2nd:May 15 (Fri.) to May 15 (Mon.), 2020
Mailing of certificates of eligibility and entrance permissionJuly, 2020
Visa applicationslate August, 2020
Entrance to Japanlate August, 2020