Sample class schedule

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*Numbers of classes are different in each semester. The example above is for a level 6 student in the spring semester of 2019.

*Students who are in advanced classes may take regular J. F. Oberlin University undergraduate courses after getting permission from relevant faculty. Their class schedules will be different from the example above.

Core Japanese

This course teaches students at all levels—beginner to advanced—the four essential skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It gives students a firm foundation on which to build as well as teaching them how to make presentations, how to write essays, and other skills which they will need in their further studies in Japan.

Core Japanese (Skill-based)

This course is designed for students intending to enroll in a four-year university in Japan. Focusing on listening comprehension and reading comprehension, the course will help students get a high score on the "Japanese as a Foreign Language" section of the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students.

Core Japanese (Preparation for MA studies)

This course is designed for students intending to enroll in a Master's of Arts program in Japan. It teaches students the skills needed to read specialized material, including extensive reading, intensive reading, and speed-reading, as well as academic writing. In addition, students learn how to defend a thesis and how to write a study proposal.

Basic Writing Skills

Students in this course learn to write short essays and reports like the ones they will have to write if they enter a Japanese university or graduate school. After first discussing current events and social issues and clarifying their opinions, they're ready to put their thoughts down on paper. Along the way, they will learn to think logically.

Japanese Society through News

This course focuses on current events and society. Students research social issues and current problems and prepare presentations about them. By discussing their opinions with others, students learn how to explain their points of view accurately and understandably.


This course provides support for autonomous study. Students create their own plans in consultation with instructors. The instructors meet with each student one-to-one providing close individual support.