Tuition and fees

The remittance deadlines are strictly enforced. Please remit in Japanese yen by bank transfer.

Deadline for remittance
For students entering in AprilFor students entering in September
Admission fee¥15,000End of OctoberEnd of April
Entrance fee¥100,000End of NovemberEnd of May

For remittance from within Japan:

Address〒194-0013 東京都町田市原町田6-3-8
Kind of account普通口座
Account number6887855
Account name学校法人 桜美林学園 理事長 佐藤東洋士
Account name (katakana)ガッコウホウジン オウビリンガクエン リジチョウ サトウトヨシ

For remittance from overseas:

BankSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Branch Machida branch
Address 6-3-8 Haramachida, Machida-shi, Tokyo, Japan 194-0013
Telephone number 042-728-1131
Account nameGakko Hojin Obirin Gakuen, Rijicho, Satow Toyoshi
Account number Savings account 6887855

Only tuition will be refunded to successful applicants who decline the Institute’s offer of admission before entrance. The entrance fee will not be refunded. (Even if your certificate of eligibility or visa has not been issued, the entrance fee will not be refunded.)

If your certificate of eligibility has been issued, you must return your certificate of eligibility before your tuition can be refunded.

If you are sending money from within Japan, the remittance/handling fee is inexpensive and the procedure is simple.

If we receive less than the full amount of ¥15,000, your application will not be considered.

Sample of remittance of application fee

Sample of remittance from overseas

Application fee (15,000 yen)
Remittance/handling fee of bank in your country (0 - 3,000 yen)
depending on the bank you use
Remittance/handling fee of bank in Japan (about 2,500 yen)

Sample of Remittance from Japan

Application fee (15,000 yen)
Remittance/handling fee (about 210 yen)