Special features of the Japanese Language Program

1.Overview of program

The Institute for Japanese Language and Culture is for international students for study in Japan. Our aim is not only to help students pass the entrance examination of university or graduate school but also to provide comprehensive Japanese language education so that students can succeed in their study. Our curriculum is organized around three main pillars: “Foundations and Integrated Learning,” ”Goal-Orieted Study,” and “Individualized Study.”

2.Period of Study

  1. Division of semesters: Spring Semester (April-September), Autumn Semester (September-March)
    Number of years required for graduation: 1
  2. Student who attend over 1 year can extend to attend, if he/she meets the requirements. (Extension of attendance is each semester, maximum twice.)
  3. If you are accepted to another Japanese institution before starting your second semester, you can leave our institute after the first semester (six months)

3.Completion of program

In order to complete our program, students must earn 26 credits (2 semesters) of work.