Undergraduate Division

College of Performing and Visual Arts

Our college offers majors in four fields of the arts: theater, music, visual arts, and film. While we stress the distinctiveness of each of these fields, our students learn to develop a broad artistic perspective through mutual interchange between the fields. Students can transcend the boundaries of the four majors by creating joint works, and in the process stimulate the growth of their creativity. We also stress the connection between art and society, and by planning and implementing their own artistic activities for audiences outside the university, students will be able to convey to society the power of various forms of art. The faculty includes professionals who are leaders in their fields of art. Some of our students go on to work in the entertainment industry, while others create new businesses that harness the creative power of art.

Theater and Dance Program

Students in this program major in theater and dance with twin emphases on technique and theory. We train them to become actors and actresses or dancers or to work in the world of theater as managers and producers.

Music Program

There are four fields of concentration in the Music Program: vocal music, piano, instrumental music, and church music. In order to produce musicians suited to the 21st century, we train students to focus on a particular concentration while drawing on other fields.

Visual Arts Program

Students learn to transcend the framework of conventional fields of art and to express themselves by studying a wide variety of fields in the plastic arts and design, including painting, carving and modeling, textiles, graphic design, computer graphics, and photography.

Film Studies Program

While learning about film as a field of academic knowledge, our students also learn film-making through practicums. This approach produces outstanding graduates who have the ability to express themselves visually and the creativity to inspire dreams in others.