The Reconnaissance Japan Program

Academic Schedule

The academic year at J. F. Oberlin consists of two fifteen-week semesters. Spring Semester begins in early April and concludes in early August. Fall Semester begins in mid-September and concludes in late January. There is a one-month summer vacation between the two semesters, a two-week winter vacation from late December through early January, and a two-month spring vacation after the conclusion of Fall Semester in January. Participants in Reconnaissance Japan may arrive in either Spring or Fall, and may continue their studies for either a single semester or an entire academic year (two semesters). (For further information, please see eligibility requirements.) Students continuing for a full academic year may use the long summer or spring break between semesters for sight-seeing or other independent activities. It is also possible to use the break for conducting fieldwork for credit in some areas of Japanese Studies. Students interested in pursuing fieldwork may design a suitable project after arriving at J. F. Oberlin in consultation with faculty advisors and the Office of International Programs.

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