Institute for Japanese Language and Culture

Introduction to Campus Surroundings

The campus that houses the Institute for Japanese Language and Culture is adjacent to Fuchinobe Station on the JR Yokohama Line and is connected to the station by a pedestrian bridge. The location provides easy access to transportation, but it is also convenient because the neighborhood is , very quiet and has banks, a shopping district, and a medical clinic. The international residence hall is located only four minutes away on foot.

Below is an overview of the facilities our students regularly use.

PFC Entrance hall

In this large open space, there are tables and chairs. Students use this space freely. Exhibitions and concerts are also held here from time to time.

PC corner

Beside the entrance hall, there are several PCs available at any time for students of this university to use.


Classes are taught in these spacious classrooms with high ceilings. They are equipped with TVs and audio equipment.

Outdoor garden area

Along the corridor on the fourth floor, there is an outdoor garden area. It has a nice view and is popular with students. Some students have lunch here.