Institute for Japanese Language and Culture

Organization of the Curriculum and Credits

Curriculum and Credits

In order to complete our program, students must complete 26 credits (2 semesters) of work.

Required Subjects

Spring semesterAutmun semester
Core Japanese 11Core Japanese 111
Core Japanese 21Core Japanese 121
Core Japanese 31Core Japanese 131
Core Japanese 41Core Japanese 141
Core Japanese 51Core Japanese 151
Core Japanese 61Core Japanese 161
Core Japanese 71Core Japanese 171
Core Japanese 81Core Japanese 181
Core Japanese 91Core Japanese 191
Core Japanese 101Core Japanese 201
Basic Writing Skills in Japanese11Basic Writing Skills in Japanese21
Japanese Society through News11Japanese Society through News21
Core Japanese (Prep for MA)11Core Japanese (Prep for MA)41
Core Japanese (Prep for MA)21Core Japanese (Prep for MA)51
Core Japanese (Prep for MA)31Core Japanese (Prep for MA)61
Core Japanese (Skill Based)11Core Japanese (Skill Based)41
Core Japanese (Skill Based)21Core Japanese (Skill Based)51
Core Japanese (Skill Based)31Core Japanese (Skill Based)61

Basic class: Level N4-N5 (Former 3rd-4th level) of JLPT
Intermediate: Level N2-N4 (Former 2nd-3rd level) of JLPT
Advanced class: Level N1-N2 (Former 1st-2nd level) of JLPT

Period of Study

Number of years required for graduation: 1
(However, students who pass the entrance exam of another Japanese institution before the end of their first semester need register for only that semester.)

Division of semesters: Spring Semester (April-September), Autumn Semester (September-March)

Duration of semesters: 15 weeks each

Class hours: 90 minutes per class, 3 classes per day