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J. F. Oberlin's Long-Term Vision and Medium-Term Goals

J. F. Oberlin's Long-Term Vision and Medium-Term Goals

The following statement was adopted by the Board of Trustees of J. F. Oberlin University and Affiliated Schools on February 20, 2010.

J. F. Oberlin's Long-Term Vision

J. F. Oberlin University and Affiliated Schools (hereafter J. F. Oberlin) is a school founded on Christian principles. To ensure that we continue to fulfill our mission, we have prepared the following long-term vision, to be realized by the school's centennial in 2021.

Training people who can improve themselves and fulfill their responsibilities

  1. We will encourage our students to internalize the spirit of “Learning and Labor” and to contribute to society approximately 5% of what they own.
  2. Further, we will instruct them always to strive upward, so that at some point in their lives about half will go on to graduate school.

Educating students to be well-informed global citizens

  1. We will develop an internationally-recognized curriculum and deploy the educational resources and operational systems necessary to implement it. We aspire to make our school number one in Japan for mobility of students and faculty.
  2. We will create a campus environment where one-fourth of the student body will be international students and where students from around the world can develop an international perspective naturally by studying and socializing together.
  3. We will build a brand recognized throughout Japan: “If you want to work in an international field, go to J. F. Oberlin University.”
  4. We will implement an integrated educational system in order to carefully train people who can serve as role models of global citizens.

J. F. Oberlin's Medium-Term Goals

Our institution has designated the next five years (the academic years 2010 through 2014) as a period for firming up the foundation to realize our long-term vision. By the end of the 2014 academic year, the branding, personnel, facilities, systems, organizational structures, and financial base necessary for the attainment of that vision will be in place. Specifically, we have established the following twelve objectives as Cornerstones, the firm foundations on which the management of our school will rest.

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Cornerstone 1 : Spreading the Spirit of Christianity

1. A Deeper Understanding of Christianity
2. Ties to External Christian Organizations
3. Improving the Organization of Religious Affairs

Education grounded in the spirit of Christianity is the root of our school's mission. Our goal over the next five years is to make our personnel and systems even stronger so that they can carry out that mission.

Cornerstone 2 : Enriching Educational and Research Activities

1. Laying the Groundwork for Education Less Skewed toward Book Learning
2. Developing More Effective Educational Methods
3. Reinforcing Teaching and Research Strengths
4. Research on Integrated Education

We reaffirm our image of the ideal student (the Oberliner) that our institution seeks to educate. We will create mechanisms that make possible continuous reform and improvement of the curriculum, educational, and research capabilities, and operational systems needed to produce that ideal.

Cornerstone 3 : Establishment of a Highly International Educational System

1. Strengthening Foreign Language Education
2. Offering Degree-Granting Courses in English
3. Expanding Programs for Accepting International Students
4. Expanding Programs for Sending Students Abroad
5. Exchanges with International Students

In order to train people who can thrive in an international environment we will further improve our know-how in fostering such internationalists. We will establish a pedagogical system recognized both in Japan and abroad for its high level of internationalization.

Cornerstone 4 : Strengthening our Contributions to the Community

1. Support for Community Development
2. More Emphasis on Public Lectures
3. Support for Student Volunteer Activities

To increase the impact and reputation of our school in the surrounding community, we will engage vigorously in a variety of community activities and make contributions of high value.

Cornerstone 5 : Improving the Support Mechanism for Students

1. Improving the Health Management System
2. Refining the Scholarship System
3. Building a Support System for Athletics
4. Strengthening Support for Career Development

We will create a system that provides a high level of support services to encourage all students to concentrate on their studies, enjoy school life, and spend their time at school in an energetic and healthy manner.

Cornerstone 6 : Building the Brand

1. Reaffirming Our Brand Image
2. Strengthening Our Public Relations Capability
3. Strengthening Ties between Alumni Associations and Support Groups

We will build a clear brand image that effectively projects J. F. Oberlin's philosophy and characteristics to society at large. This will attract more students and parents who are sympathetic to our philosophy and educational methods, thereby strengthening J. F. Oberlin in the pursuit of its mission.

Cornerstone 7 : An Organization to Attract the Students We Want

1. Developing Our Own Recruitment and Selection Method
2. Increasing Our “Designated Schools” for a More Effective Approach to Admissions
3. Building Relations with “Affiliated Schools”
4. Reforming Our Public Relations Outreach for Recruitment

Attracting even one additional student who understands and agrees with our educational objectives and hallmarks is an extremely important element for the fulfillment of our long-term vision. By developing recruitment and selection styles consonant with our objectives and hallmarks, we will increase the number of applicants and secure the students we desire.

Cornerstone 8 : Ensuring Accountability

1. Carrying Out Inspections and Evaluations
2. Thorough Compliance Management
3. Systematic Reform and Improvement

We will put in place systems to ensure that we continue to make self-regulating progress as an educational institution by carrying out regular inspections and evaluations of school operational circumstances, as well as by proactively disclosing information concerning our teaching and research activities. In this way we will ensure accountability to members of the school community and to society.

Cornerstone 9 : Reform of Organizational Structures and Human Resources Management

1. Putting the Organizational Structures for the School as a Whole on a Firm Foundation
2. Actively Implementing Study Leaves for Faculty and Staff
3. Creating an Environment Where Faculty and Staff Can Work with Enthusiasm
4. Thoroughly Reviewing the Personnel System for Faculty and Staff
5. Promoting Rationalization and Efficiency of Work
6. Putting Human Resources Planning on a Firm Footing
7. Inspecting the Crisis Management System

We will create a management system that facilitates the timely planning and tactical implementation of reforms and improvements in education and research. We will also create an environment in which all faculty and staff maintain a high level of motivation and work with a sense of fulfillment and security.

Cornerstone 10 : Building and Preserving Healthy Finances

1. Preserving the Balance between Income and Expenditures
2. Placing a Limit on Total Borrowing
3. Increasing Capital Funds
4. Increasing Revenues other than Student Fees and Government Subsidies
5. Formulating a Budget in Accordance with Medium-Term Goals

By strengthening J. F. Oberlin's financial position we will build the foundation needed for our teaching and research activities and for students' support. We will also obtain funds required to invest actively in our facilities.

Cornerstone 11 : Increasing the Quality and Quantity of Improvements to Campus

1. Ensuring Safety and Comfort
2. Completing Items Under Construction
3. Carrying Out and Finishing Planned Medium- and Long-Term Campus Building and Improvements
4. Creating an Eco-Campus

We will create a campus maintenance plan from a long-term perspective, establish clear priorities for projects, and then carry them out accordingly from beginning to end. Working in this way will contribute to a safe, comfortable, pleasant educational environment. It will increase the level of satisfaction among students, faculty, and staff.

Cornerstone 12 : Upgrading Information Systems

1. Stable, Continuous Operation of Information Systems
2. Increasing IT Use Competence
3. Support for Off-Site IT Users
4. Reform of the On-Campus Work Process
5. Provision of Management Information

We recognize that the ability to use information technology effectively is an essential element for realization of J. F. Oberlin's long-term vision. While promoting the stable operation of information systems, we will aim to construct a high-level information system infrastructure including user training.