About J. F. Oberlin University

Organizational Projects

Obirin-Euro Partnership Project (OEPP)

J. F. Oberlin University-University of Danang Partnership Program

Created in 2008, this program is a continuation of the joint research project between J. F. Oberlin University and Danang University in Vietnam that began in 2003. In addition to carrying out research, the program aims to promote educational exchanges between J. F. Oberlin and universities all over Vietnam. It is a part of J. F. Oberlin's Organization for Comprehensive Research.

J. F. Oberlin Resource Center for Global Understanding

In 1997 J. F. Oberlin University began a program designed to improve multicultural understanding in the Machida and Sagamihara area. By loaning educational materials gathered from around the world and by conducting class visits and workshops, we have made our school’s educational resources available in many different forms to support educational activities that increase international understanding in the area’s primary and secondary schools.

Future of Education Research Project