The Reconnaissance Japan Program

Club Activities

In addition to the formal program activities, Reconnaissance Japan Program students are also encouraged to take part in club or social activities on campus. Japanese college students invest tremendous amounts of their time in extracurricular activities. Most students are involved in at least one or two clubs, which can be either cultural or athletic in nature. Taking part in club life is one of the best ways to learn how the Japanese have fun.

Cultural Clubs

Drama Club J. F. Oberlin University Christian Club Light Music Society Tea Ceremony Club
Photography Club English Speaking Society Ceramic Club Art Club
Cycling Club Modern Jazz Club Rakugo Club Social Welfare Activity
Flower Arranging Club Okinawa Eisa J. F. Oberlin University Choir J. F. Oberlin University Orchestra
J. F. Oberlin University Wind Ensemble

Athletic Clubs

Archery Club Aikido Club American Football Club Obirin Dancing Company
Karate Club Kyudo (Japanese Archery) Club Kendo (Japanese Fencing) Club Baseball Club
Golf Club Track and Field Sports Club Soccer Club Judo Club
Shorinji-Kenpo Club Ski Racing Club Soft Tennis Club Tennis Club
Softball Club Songleading Dance Team Cheerleading Club Basketball Club
Badminton Club Volleyball Club Board Sailing Club Rugby Football Club
Men’s Lacrosse Club Women’s Lacrosse Club