Job Openings at J. F. Oberlin University

Job Openings at J. F. Oberlin University

J. F. Oberlin University seeks qualified staff

Position: full-time

Applicant must have a minimum of four-year university degree, be fluent in Japanese language (business level) and any other languages. Must be able to work with other staff members as a team, and have excellent communication, interpersonal and computer skills, with pleasing personality.

Applicant must submit in Japanese the following documentation:
1) Resume
2) Letter to state how you can contribute to J. F. Oberlin University
3) Letter to explain why you are interested in this position

July 11 , 2016

J. F. Oberlin University and Affiliated Schools Human resources Department
3758 Tokiwa-machi , Machida- shi , Tokyo 194-0294